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Premium mattresses for superb sleep. Mattresses play an important role in helping you fall and stay asleep. The Mouka Wellbeing Collection brings you supreme luxury and exceptional comfort for quality sleep.

Why WellBeing is perfect for you

Comfort Levels

Adequate comfort levels ranging from firm through medium to soft. Get the right support that matches your body type and sleep style.

Superior Comfort

All our mattresses are carefully engineered to provide you with superior comfort.

Comfort Zones

 Our products give each part of your body the right support, ensuring proper spine alignment.



A resilient spring mattress with well-tempered springs that provide all-over support as it distributes your body weight to relieve pressure and provide optimum support and comfort.

The Mouka Royal spring mattress has breathable, soothing fabric with damask finish that allows free air flow and draws away moisture so you don’t get too warm or cold.

Product Specifications

Integral topper made from high density, slow recovery memory foam material, infused with rejuvenating gel that absorbs pressure and channels heat away, preventing excessive temperature buildup.

The memory foam conforms to individual body weight and shape to maintain proper body posture throughout the night.

The mattress coils retain their firmness and the ability to ‘spring back’ throughout the life of the mattress.

Gives you comfort without sacrificing support.



87,949 – 225,360

The Mouka Regal orthopaedic mattress provides firm support, distributing the body weight to alleviate stress on the spine, thereby relieving painful pressure points and helping to maintain proper posture.

The Mouka Regal supports the lower back and lumbar area; an answer to posture problems and back pains. Suitable for all weight categories and most ideal for senior citizens.

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Product Specifications

A hard, strong mattress, made from ultra high density foam, covered with quilted premium grade jacquard.

Endorsed by Nigerian Society of Physiotherapy.

Supports the lower back and lumber area, an answer to posture problems and back pains.

Suitable for all weight categories.
Ideal for senior citizens.



55,218 – 151,174

The Mouka Regina semi-orthopaedic mattress is designed to benefit the whole body and provide restful and comfortable sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed with no aches and pains.

The Regina semi-orthopaedic mattress supports the body fully and reduces stress on the back, neck and joints by alleviating pressure points. This provides a high level of comfort and helps you avoid stiffness upon waking.

Select Your Mattress Size

Product Specifications

Made from high density foam (Semi-orthopedic mattress)

Covered with quilted premium grade jacquard.

Ideal for adults who desire a comfortable but firmer back support.

Suitable for 2 persons with combined weight of up to 180kg.

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