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The Mouka Wellbeing Regina semi-orthopaedic mattress is designed to benefit the whole body and provide restful and comfortable sleep so that you wake up feeling refreshed with no aches and pains.

The Regina semi-orthopaedic mattress supports the body fully and reduces stress on the back, neck and joints by alleviating pressure points. This provides a high level of comfort and helps you avoid stiffness upon waking.


– Made from high-density foam (Semi-orthopedic mattress).

– Covered in premium-grade jacquard.

– It has a quilted layer for added comfort.

– Full body support to reduce stress on the back, neck & joints.

– Ideal for persons up to weight 150kg.

– Firm (support rating).

– Endorsed by the Nigeria Society of Physiotherapy and Nigeria Association of Orthopeadic Manual Therapists.

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Product Specification

– Made from high density foam (Semi-orthopedic mattress)

– Covered with quilted premium grade jacquard.

– Ideal for adults who desire a comfortable but firmer back support.

– Suitable for 2 persons with combined weight of up to 180kg.


REGINA ( 6x7x10), REGINA (6×3.5×8), REGINA (6×4.5×10), REGINA (6×4.5×8), REGINA (6x5x8), REGINA (6x6x10), REGINA (6x6x12), REGINA (6x6x8), REGINA (6x7x8), REGINA (7x7x10), REGINA (7x7x8)

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Regina Mattress

REGINA (84X84X10)₦ 97,530

REGINA (75X42X8)₦ 36,515
REGINA (75X60X8)₦ 46,670
REGINA (75X72X12)₦ 89,717
REGINA (75X84X8)₦ 73,030
REGINA (75X84X10)₦ 91,287

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